Landscape Architecture

“…we dream of cities rooted in their landscape,
cities where one can feel the slope of a hill, sense the freshness of valleys,
follow the flow of water and the cycle of seasons, cities in which distances can be measured,
in which night truly falls, in which time is inscribed in the earth, on the skin of the landscape.”¹

Meadow Lake – Stormwater Wetland

eDesign Dynamics (EDD) | NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) | NYC Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) | Drexel University

Project Involvement:
Project Management, Concept, Schematic, & Design Development, Construction Documentation

Site Location: The site of Flushing Meadows Corona Park was formerly a marshland that drained to the Flushing River. Existing Condition: The parkland adjacent to Meadow Lake consists of large lawn areas and pathways that frequently flood and develop surface ponding. Schematic Plan: Stormwater runoff from an adjacent impermeable parking lot will be channeled into the treatment wetland that will capture, detain, and filter runoff. Renderings depict the freshwater wetland surrounded by an upland berm area as seen from a viewpoint facing the Lake, adjacent to the pathway, and facing the parking lot.

Vacant Lot Turned Community Garden

eDesign Dynamics | The Greater Newark Conservancy | New York – New Jersey Baykeeper | Harbor Estuary Program | Interstate Environmental Commission | Atlas Scientific | The City of Newark

Project Involvement:
Project Management, Concept Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration, Community Outreach

Site Before and After: A suite of sustainable water resource measures was designed and constructed within a vacant lot that was transformed into a community garden. Stormwater Management Design and Build: eDesign Dynamics was responsible for the design, construction, and monitoring of water management measures including porous pavement, StormChamberTM, rain gardens, and rain barrels. Community Caretakers: Residents and students now serve as lifetime stewards of the space.

Waterfront Wetland Park
eDesign Dynamics | Lillian Ball | Rocking the Boat | ABC Carpet & Home | Drexel University | Excav Services

Project Involvement:
Project Management, Concept Development, Construction Documentation

Wetland Before: Parking lot runoff drained directly into the Bronx River and there was no public access to the waterfront. Wetland After: Runoff is directed to a wetland that provides infiltration, detention, and plant-based treatment of stormwater. Native freshwater wetland and upland species create a diverse palette of color and texture.

Photos courtesy of Lillian Ball and Rocking the Boat.

Salt Marsh & Freshwater Wetland Creation
eDesign Dynamics | James Corner Field Operations | Langan Engineering

Project Involvement:
Project Management, Construction Documentation, Technical Report Writing, Watershed Schematics and Modeling, Native Plant Selection

eDesign Dynamics completed the natural resources design set (through to 100% CD completion) for the creation of a new freshwater wetland and salt marsh along the Harlem River. Salt Marsh: Two adjacent habitat sites were evaluated in order to determine the proper tidal range elevations for the proposed salt marsh. Freshwater Wetland: The tiered freshwater wetland is sized according to the volume of stormwater occurring in the corresponding watershed.

Bradhurst Community Revitalization Project
Fall 2008 Studio

The Bradhurst community is located in northeast Harlem, spanning several city blocks along the Harlem River. Our studio project was rooted in a community-wide planning effort to revitalize the connection to the riverfront. Currently, the Harlem River Drive blocks the community from the river. Recreational areas are well-used but in need of redesign and repair. Stormwater Analysis: Combined sewer outfalls line the waterfront, emptying raw sewage into the river nearly every time it rains. My design followed a Hydrate Harlem theme, which guided interventions for  creating access to the river and improvement of public space along the river corridor. Language of Water: The varying forms and functions of water inspired my design for a Stormwater Park.


Thesis Paper
Reinstituting Ecology into the Northern New Jersey Suburb: PDF Download Here

Thesis Design
Brave New Suburb:

¹Michel Desvignes and Christine Dalnoky, “Parcours dans le Paysage des Hauts-de-Seine,” Topos 13 (May 1994): 36.